From The Florist to The Farmer

Dear Mr Naylor

The delphiniums are selling well, people are astounded when i tell them that they are grown outdoors and in The Fens.

The most popular colour is the dusky pink, or rose as i believe you call it. The one you like the least, the one you think people won't buy.

The slowest selling are the deep blue, strange.

Several people have suggested I show you the Farrow and Ball paint chart, so that you might grow something that works against a wall painted in "String".

Would you find this useful?

Yours in a sea of blue, because all the dusky ones have gone.

Miss Pickering


Foxanddahlia said...

Looking forward to the Farmer's reply!! Hope you share it with us.

Becca said...

Dear Mr Naylor,

Why do neither Marks and Spencers if Waitrose stock your delphs? (spelling of longer version would be incorrect).
I went to buy some at lunch and were disappointed. I asked the lady if she had any Mr Naylor flowers and she looked at me blankly.
Kind regards (and I'm a HUGE fan of fade/blush)


Sherri B. said...

I am also looking forward to Mr. Naylor's response.

Tracy x said...

Mr Naylor...
do consider yourself well and truly told :)
t x

Harriet Hat Peg said...

I keep suggesting that we have a Farrow & Ball paint chart at work so that whoever makes the tea can match our personal preferences. I think mine might be Mouse's Back.

Katharine said...

Glad to hear the dusty pink sell well. I shall take great delight telling my neighbour who described my dusty pink as insipid. He, of course, grows deep blue.