The joys of being a florist number 349

Joy number 349, is that you get to do wedding flowers for wonderful couples who go on to become friends. Last night, one such couple invited The Hound and I for a rather lovely supper in their jardin.

What to take as a gift is always a conundrum. As a florist is it a bit of a cliche to take flowers? Or do people expect you to take them? After a little Q and A on Twitter, i decided to make a posy of things from my garden, forgetting of course that my garden had been Alys Fowler'd.

So a posy of some roses, mint, bronze fennel, sage, rosemary, salvia, seed heads, a poppy, and beetroot and kale leaves. It might not have been the most colourful of bunches, but the smell was amazing.

You can see the look of ecstasy on The Hounds face as he has a sniff.

I also gave them a couple of lettuces, because i have enough to feed a small army, and a bottle of fizz.

Definitely the right way to go. Especially as The Hound made himself at home on their bed.

You really can't take him anywhere.


flwrjane said...

It take a really good picture of a ecstatic hound to bring a BIG snile to my face at 6:30am. But this one did it.

Lovely posy.

My house Sunday?

Miss Pickering said...

You should really come to us this time.

Afternoon tea?

Anonymous said...

After reading the Mail on Sunday magazine, I decided to check out your blog and I am hooked with yours and The Hound's escapades! I have a blog of my own and have mentioned you on there and 'borrowed' a photo to advertise your gorgeous floral offerings - www.adailychallenge.wordpress.com


laetitia said...

Am in love with that gorgeous rose...does it have a name?....and your garden looks just amazing...and the hound of course...so chic
loving it...x

Jules said...

an edible floral bouquet how simply marvelous!

Anonymous said...

What a very pretty posy and I love the new YOU pic :)

Chloe said...

You and the hound are always more than welcome.
Thank you for the flowers, now in a much more suitable vessel.
Lettuce was delicious and fizz is in the fridge, thank you.
I feel like a delicate flower today!

Liz said...

You can come for a meal at mine anytime you like if that is the sort of gift you take! Lovely.

Sally said...

i too have linked to you from my little dot on the web, your blog is a such a happy place to read x

Lula said...

genius picture of the hound- I keep looking for lurchers in the park now.
I have a vaguely similar pic of my pooch sniffing bluebells, unfortunately he is blind as a bat so was only on the hunt for a suitable peeing place rather than admiring the beauty!

lbc flower delivery said...

Oh! Those flowers caught my attention. It seems you have a great flower gardens. How I wish I could have a cool garden like yours. Keep it up!