Some like it hot

I like most things hot, but not the weather.

This English rose is strictly a 30 SPF girl, i have an irrational fear of a crepey decolletage.

The Hound hides from the heat in the shade of the bleeding heart.

Salad of chorizo, feta, pea, mint, spring onion and lemon zest.

A desperate attempt to rehydrate some neglected plants.

A 2,3 for McLaren and Mr Hamilton and Mr Button head to Silverstone in the lead of the drivers championship, and McLaren at the top of the constructors. Where is Herr Schumacher now?

Tonight at 8pm we will be watching the new series of TopGear, to see if we can spot ourselves.

Did you survive the heat?


flwrjane said...

Only 2:00pm here, hours left to survive.

We did start the morning with pastries and the World Cup, er never mind.

But at 10:00am it was 92 degrees here, and it hasn't gotten any cooler.

The Lab doesn't even react to the work "walk". This is omonius.

Your salad looks lovely.

Foxanddahlia said...

How will we spot you!? I do so hope you have a flower in your hair!! The heat is lovely, but seems to have added an extra "sting" to the nettles this year, just in from clearing a border that has long been neglected. Is nettle rash more acceptable that crepey skin??
I always find that a glass of something cold and 12% helps hugely in coping with the heat.

Becca said...

Oh miss P, we went to queue for Wimbledon at 8am this morning and there were already 1700 people infront of us. I was all prepared for a picnic (john lewis picnic hamper and strawberries) but we decided 1700 people would want the sane tickets only 500 people would want.
Bit gutted.