So it actually happened, we appeared in the Mail On Sunday You magazine.

All 4 pages of us, it is a strange thing to see your home in print, I bought 4 copies in the newsagents, to pop through various family members doors - we all live within 2 minutes of each other, we are the modern day Walton's.

Miss P. "I am buying 4 copies because we are in it"

Newsagent lady "Do you need any stamps or top-ups?"

Everybody round here is so impressed.

Then the emails started, with questions about interior decorating, The Hound, flowers, weddings, and all manner of things. a lot were asking the same thing, so i though we might cover them in one big post. Let us know if you have a question, and on Friday The Hound and I will answer them.

Other things that happened yesterday, after a brunch The Mother Hen and I went to open gardens, where i was reassured by the sight of their sweetpeas, that mine might not be completely inept this year. Mine seem so far off flowering, or even reaching the top of the willow wigwam. This time last year, we had jam jars of them.

and then i bought some plants from the plant sale, more geraniums, the leaves work so beautifully in bridal bouquets and buttonholes. and we took tea, because that is the best bit of an open gardens.

In other news, it wasn't until 3 people booked for the Flower school, that i realised the new dates were up. It is a full day course now, with lots of flowers, instruction, things to take home, cake, The Hound, go and have a look, and email us for a booking form.

Bravo to Messers Hamilton and Button, a McLaren 1,2 2 races in a row, how we danced.


~My Fleur Journey~ said...

Love ur bedroom!! I can't read Miss P's Floral Tricks though.. can you put a photo of that section?!

N when I read "vintage looking jam jar arrangement" and "There will not be any gerbera" on ur flower school page, I want to book an air tic to come for ur class right away!

Tracy x said...

you gorgeous pair... we are simply beaming from ear to ear and dancing to the Nolans in your honour

many congrats on a beautiful interview xxx
t x

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Mr PWP was sent at dawn he explained to the newsagent boy, 'Its not for me', which made me laugh a lot. Four whole pages, well done indeed, very brave. Next step europe?

Jenny Rudd said...

Goodness me aren't you doing well? Congratulations. I reckon your next step is extreme flower arranging on Britain's Got Talent

flwrjane said...

Hmmm, looks fantastic. Perhaps we can pretend there was a giveaway of said magazine and I won and you can just send it to me tomorrow?

Not to seem pushy.

Becca said...

I bought the mail. Admitedly in an annonymous newsagents in London on another visit. I usually buy some jelly totts with my guardian so I fooled the statistics and hid my mail buying antics from the world by buying a chomp with the mail.
Anyway, I heart your tablecloth. My mum is also really excited about the small flat green deco style vases and old pharmacy I made her put in the garage because now she thinks they're vintage. They don't really go with her minimalist bespoke kitchen though.
The 'boy' took me to Kew Gardens today as a day out and their sweet peas aren't amazing either. The ones they have are beautiful but there are some still yet to come. My ones at home also aren't much of anything yet. But I planted them late from seed and in a rather scattergun approach.
Their peonies are stunning though.

bxcolby said...

Congrats! ... looks just as a thought it might - your usual fab style. I can't believe I've been following you and the hound all this time and didn't know his name!

I sent D to buy the mail - he protested quite a lot but I insisted and won

KELLY said...

so very proud to know the girl on the glossy pages! fantastic article...all-out-gorgeousness. you both scrubbed up well! i sent mr mcc to get ours...a dedicated observer man. he took some convincing. i bribed him with making marmalade on toast for his return. your home is lovely! and your new profile pic is too xX

Mrs B said...

I nearly missed it as I've been away but thankfuly checked in via iphone just in time to pick up a copy with the milk at handy open all hours mini supermarche. Mr B was heading to the study to file the divorce papers until I explained.
My grandma (Nellie) read the Mail religiously and she used to save the YOU magazine for my Mum,Sister and me so it brought back happy memories.
It looks gorge. Not properly read it yet as I had a dirty suitcase to unpack and dirty house to clean but will enjoy with proper cup of tea in china tonight.
Mr B says what a lovely picture of The Hound and showed it to Lucy who is currently stinky and never looks so lovely but sends her love anyway xxx