I suppose it depends on whether you are left or right handed.

This morning i woke up at 4.30am and shouted an expletive.
"What day is it?"
"Should i be at a marquee?"

I was assured as it was a Tuesday, and whilst not improbable, the chances of there being a wedding today were slim.

I need somebody to put their foot between my shoulder blades and pull my arms back. It's the only thing that works, try it.

All i have eaten is tinned mackerel. I am addicted. Slice of sourdough, an avocado and a tin of the good stuff. I am trying to cut down to 2 a day.

The Hound has even given up vying for my attention and goes to hang out Chez Mother Hen or at Princess Pooch.

I am not complaining, i love the wedding season.

I did escape to London on Sunday, I escorted flowers to a photo shoot, and then spent a wonderful afternoon eating roast turbot, and strolling the streets of W11 whilst eating pistachio ice cream, and all in the most marvellous of company.

The sun was shining and all the streets kept whispering "come home".

I shall bring you weddings later, and tonight i might cook something other than mackerel - we are a bit lacking in food photographs are we not?

What is going on in your worlds?


Flowerscentsbyamanda said...

My world - my orange marmalade cake managed a 3rd at the Oundle Show, even better eaten with ice cream! I got a 1st with one of my arrangements and 2 seconds in two other categories. My obsession at the moment is rice pudding, something to do with me wanting to lose weight and it fills me up, quite low fat but feels sinful...however reminds me too much of school dinners! Watson is totally obsessed with anything containing pork...fussy woof.

Becca said...

Ohhhh Miss P welcome HOME.
I've mainly been involved in wedding season also. Two weddings within six days. The boy is beside himself at the thought.
I've also been going to the gym incase my dress doesn't fit

Could we see wedding pictures please, food makes me hungry