Chasing away a grey and dull day with a slick of very red lipstick and Ben E King

The flowers are changing, local dahlias have arrived, artichokes and rosehips are hobnobbing with roses and the first of the ranunculus.

Was that our summer?

Are we now to walk the streets kicking up leaves and looking for a new pea coat?

Who knows?

Do you love my new table for the flowers? Isn't it blingtastic. It's the sort of thing that rappers have in their crib, in the formal room they never use.

The remodelling is taking longer than expected photos at the end of the month. We are a work in progress, and we have plumbing problems......

The Hound is grumpy.


Sally said...

do you not love aumtumn shopping? like wearing a jumper...without a coat.. and the crisp air?

Nice "crib like" table very swish indeed.
Happy Friday to the stamfordians xx

Anonymous said...

My hound is grumpy too. She has just got back from a sleepover at Grandmas where she was hand fed sardines, taken out for morning coffee and is allowed to sleep on the sofa...

Your flower pictures are my daily fix.

flwrjane said...

Anytime you want a reminder of summer, come on over. It's a short flight and the hound knows the way.

On the other hand, if i win the lottery, I'm over to you. ready to bundle up in sweaters and eat some of your many wedding cakes.

xo jane

Kay said...

please don't say the 'A' word!!! i have 19 for lunch on sunday and a wedding in a few weeks....so for at least those two days i want sun!!!....gorgeous flowers and table.....x

Princess and the Pea said...

I did notice the leaves starting to turn red near my house yesterday... I fear you may be right about us saying good bye to our summer.

Poor old Hound does look miserable.

KELLY said...

good eve. oh autumn...i always get this yearning when new catalogues drop through the door and the weather takes a turn. (don't talk to me about pea coats. have you seen the new toast one? s-woon) tomorrow we are off to a wedding. looks like rain...it's in a marquee and i don't think tights will go with my sandals! time to dig out the full slip : ) i am quite happy to have it a bit cooler but such a shame for summer nuptials...that's england for you though!! kiss kiss (long time no see...hope to come and view the revamped shop soon and maybe steal you away for a coffee with baby e?)