For sale

I am done with the dresser look.

It's not them it's me.

I need to find my shop again.

and the dressers are getting in the way.

I have plans for a radical change, but part of me chickened out yesterday, that and the fact that the doorways are really awkward here.

So if i free the shop of the dressers, then a change will have to occur.

No it won't look like it does in the book anymore, but it will still be beautiful, just in a different way.

I have grown up, and the shop has to follow suit.

*Email me for details of the dressers, buyer to collect this week.


Anonymous said...

um so me and my bike aren't going to manage to buy or collect one of your beauties....but, is that a before and after of the second one? If so would love to know what colour that is, am trying to renovate a bookshelf and am stumped by colour choice....

Mrs B said...

What is it with us lot? Florists must have the same body clocks. I have just re-opened after a week's re-fit....budget was minimal so it was really for essential work but every item I could lay my hands on got painted and moved around. Just the fact that almost everything is clean is lovely....good luck, it's very exciting...especailly if you treat yourself to a new sweeping brush to match! xxxx

Miss Pickering said...

It is a before and after, the colour was one from a dulux mixing machine, but when i got it back to the shop it seemed to be just the base colour an off white. I added blackboard paint to it. Seemed to give it a good finish.

Miss Pickering said...

Mrs B

I need pictures. What did you change? What colours have you gone for? I hadn't planned such a change, but this is the first week since April without a wedding so i am grasping the opportunity with both hands.


Sherri B. said...

How exciting! It's just the right time for a change with fall coming right around the corner...I think I will change things a bit around the Little House too...Good luck.

Becca said...

Lord are you going chrome and mirrors and lillies and gerbera?
I'm not sure I can cope.
Bad luck comes in threes-I dropped my camera lens, now the radical overhaul. Should probably not cross any roads whilst trying to type......

Anonymous said...

oooh How exciting Simone, does this mean Sam is getting his own Chaise Longue? XX Debbie & Sparkster