As an English gal, It would be terribly remiss of me not to discuss the weather.

It is raining, it hasn't stopped raining.

It poses some sartorial conundrums, what to wear on ones feet?, even i have to admit that it is too wet for flip flops. A ballet pump? ill defence against the puddles, Uggs? The route i have taken, not brilliant in the rain. Wellington boots? (as long as they aren't green or floral) i think this is the safest route, if only i knew where they were.

Then there is the umbrella etiquette. Given that this an Ye Olde Town, the narrow passageways are ill-equipped for 2 umbrellas to pass one another without a spot of jiggery, apology, and general awkwardness. Should you raise or lower your umbrella?

I think the answer may be a hat and a jar of marmalade, a recycled jar of course.

Despite all this my morning has been blessed with a present from one of my brides. The badges will be worn with pride, thank you xx

Also i bought this book yesterday.


Unknown said...

I have a collection of "old" shoes (last year's Clarks/M&S work selection, tres dull) that are kept just for rainy days such as we have been having. They're not too shabby for my office job, but they're not nice enough to care about ruining (in fact they have come into this category through previous rain ruination). I'm finding it difficult to pick out outfits in the morning though - the cotton skirts that are my usual summer uniform are too bright and skimpy for wet days, but it's August and I can't bring myself to wear wool again just yet.

Mother Hen said...

Those badges are just fantastic xxx

Unknown said...

Hey those are my wellies!

I love yellow foot wear, sunshine onyour feet... i've got a bit of theme, yellow hunters and yellow converse... x

Unknown said...

Oh yes, Wellies! I love my fine red ones!!

Sally said...

'tis still summer so a floral dress is of the occasion.. but indeed it is SUPER rainy and wellies are needed so might i suggest a dress with wellies different but neccessary all the same.
happy thursday :O)

Becca said...

I'd rather have ice cream than marmalade

I do not understand uggs.

What ever happened to jelly shoes from 1988??