Part Deux

Flowers went from boy to girl, and girl to boy and love blossomed.

Then along came a baby girl and the marry me bouquet.

Venue decided, date set, dress selected, and Emily Quinton booked.

Flowers semi decided on, and the flower girl training started.

People are often doubtful that small children will hold a posy. They will, they like to emulate the bride. Just to be sure every time this little girl came into the shop i thrust a flower into her hand. In the month up to the wedding she had progressed to a full bouquet of spray roses. I am nothing if not persistent.

Whilst we are on the subject, please don't ever send a child down the aisle with a teddy bear, they are going to church not to bed, and as for a wand.....


Unknown said...

The colour of those flowers are perfect. Kx

Anonymous said...

i lofe the attention to detail, perfect!