I first came across Jane whilst reading a copy of Country Living magazine. Curled on the sofa in W11, and dreaming of one day also owning a vintage van and selling flowers i had grown to anappreciative audience. The well thumbed article remains in a box file marked "inspirational"

Jane also crafts embroidered things, and whilst i had admired them on her blog, didn't really pay them much attention, until a bride came in with one of her notebooks. The quality made me sit up and take notice, and an order placed. I received them today, and love them.

When you have a shop, everybody wants to sell you their "homemade" wares, if i had a £1 for everyone that brought me a polkadot peg bag.....Jane's pieces perfectly illustrate the huge difference between homemade and handcrafted designed pieces.

Judging by peoples reactions, and I haven't actually fully unpacked the box yet. We will be placing a re-order very soon.

This gladdens my heart, as yesterday I went into a shop to see that all they now really sell is Cath Kidston and we all know what i think about those, and whilst we are at it, I hate polka dots.

I am a Princess. Deal with it.


Unknown said...

Have loved Jane's stuff since discovering her website about a year ago, and she was one of the people that inspired me to have a go selling flowers from my garden. She is one of my gardening gurus. You beat me to it blogging about her!

Her black and white textiles are so beautiful. Her flowers are gorgeous. She's right up there!

Vintage to Victorian said...

You have such good taste Miss Pickering! Jane's things are a delight!! Her doorstop has stopped my sitting room door from banging when the wind has blown through the open windows this summer, her mugs were given as gifts to my daughter and son-in-law by Father Christmas last year, and I am currently sporting one of her lovely badges.


Heart Gallery said...

What a lovely post Miss Pickering. I received my box of goodies from Jane yesterday for Heart Gallery and everyone's a winner, the gallery smells of lavender! Jane is an inspirational lady and agree with Belinda's comment - "she's right up there!"

Jane said...

I am now all teary at how generous and lovely the comments here are.
All the team say a big thankyou.
J x