Another flower shop

Yesterday, whilst whizzing across the streets of London in a cab, I spotted Cave.
A flower shop that sells wine, really good wine, and chocolate and a shop I would be happy to call my own, and certainly a far lovelier shop than a lot of the big names.

I wanted to steal the occasional table.

It is on the achingly cool Bermondsey Street. An area never before explored, but i fully intend to return. It seems you don't actually need a lopsided haircut or a passport to get in.

I might make this an occasional series. I like meeting other florists.


Anonymous said...

Lovely - I am always a little nervous taking photos in another's flower shop. I think it is the ultimate compliment actually - gorgeous.

Travel With Lulu said...

Love your lovely blog!

XO Laura

Ems | Green Parlour Florist said...

whilst you are smuggling the table, would you mind taking the picture with all the drawings of bugs for me please. Its all absolutely beautiful, I think I will pay a visit pronto.