1. Flowers for a funeral, rambling rose, and the turning foliage of viburnum opulus

2. Mercury glass baubles against flickering candlelight - arty

3. The tiniest of cyclamen in an assortment of vintage pots. These cyclamen would fit in an egg cup. Small but perfectly formed.

4. The Boy Wonder, who went to the pet shop, turned his nose up at the 5 different types of gourmet dog treats, and ate the owners lunch instead. Also he is not a Labrador, which seems to me to be perfectly obvious, seemingly not.

Christmas lights are being unravelled, and i have just purchased some more, they are coloured. I am over tasteful Farrow and Ball style white lights, for this week anyway.

In America it is Thanksgiving tomorrow, we have a guest blogger later who will be along to explain a bit about this phenomena. She is Small but Charming. Can you guess who it is yet?


benjiboy said...

Labrador!!!!? Any old sausage should be able to tell the dear chap is a Caucasian Sofa Hunting Spaniel...what a donut. I had on once but lost the bitch to the manager of DFS.
Regards Ben

the gardener's cottage said...

what beautiful flowers and photos. i need to read more down to earth blogs like this one. i'll thank jane later. nice to meet you.