2010 - 2011

There was to be a look back at the year post, where we would recount tales from all the things that happened, but you know, because you were there with us.

and if you weren't, well stick around for 2011, it has the promise of being a fine year.

Also it is because i am up to eyeballs in juniper and thyme dumplings.

I am even getting out the fancy china tonight, Orla Kiely has nothing on Myott's "Malaga" collection.

Do you have resolutions? Mine list is long, be more organised, do more exercise, wear more hats - the usual things. I also intend to make time to be more creative in a non-floral way. I have stocked up on film for my camera collection, and dusted off the charcoals and watercolours.

and then there is the book. It is coming this year, quite soon.....

May your year in 2011 be full of happiness and the odd gin.


Erin {pughs' news} said...

Happy New Year, Miss Pickering!

flwrjane said...

I'm taking a brief break from working in the garden!!! Can you believe I'm saying that on the last day of the year?

And, as I type, I am wearing a hat.

Have a happy and delicious New Years.
Love your tureens and you and your hound.

Skyping, yes we'll take it up.2011, what won't happen?

xo jane

Emily Quinton said...

Happy New Year lovely! And enjoy tonight xxx

Gill said...

Happy New Year Miss Pickering. I am already looking forward to the book.

Becca said...

Happy New Year Miss P and TH.

My new years resolution is to switch off my phone for one week a month. I give it 10 minutes. My battery died for a week over Christmas and it was LOVELY.

I also want to lose my arm wings. Back to the gym.

And concentrate on understanding my camera.

Hope you had a lovely NYE and didn't set any trees on fire using lanterns (definately not having them at our wedding now).

Oh My! Floral said...