A Christmas wreath for a blogger

It's a Christmas Quiz.

Which "blogger" did i make this festive decoration for?

74 bonus points for knowing the significance of the poodles.


Mother Hen said...

It can only be for the unique, the one and only erstwhile star of TV and radio Monsieur Naylor, with the poodle perhaps a satirical nod to one of his "dogs in wigs"?


Hi! I don`t know for who is but i love it!
Congratulations for your work... it`s unique ;)
Happy Christmas from Barcelona

Becca said...

Hmmmm..... I would have said MrsB because she brings the hound treats but she doesn't strike me as a tractor type.

I think the daffodils give it away as Mr Naylor because of his mini rant at the price of daffodils, supermarkets hiking prices to do 'half price' later bla bla etc etc etc. Plus I imagine he will have a tractor to carry his delphiniums.

The poodles are because his hair is curly and it's his affectionate nickname?

Anonymous said...

Whoever it is for I absolutely love it, so original, quirky, fun, personal and downright genius, never seen one quite like it. Once again Miss P, you leave us quite blown away. Personalised Christmas wreaths, of course! xxx Mrs T-J