Like a flower

waiting to bloom
Like a light bulb in a dark room
I'm just sitting here waiting for you
To come home and turn me on.

Garlands and table centres.

If "finding the time to take decent enough photographs of Christmas flowers" was a GCSE subject.

I would get a C+ an improvement on last year, but could try harder.

Was it wonderful? Did you get presents?


flwrjane said...

It's mostly wonderful because it's over. I still can't use the thumb on my right hand, too many slices from knife dulled my evergreens. Ouchy.

Yes there were presents, the best was a beautiful painting from Haiti brought by GG's sister and perfectly framed by GG.

If I could get off the sofa we would go hang it.

And you?

Becca said...

Yes I had a lovely Christmas. The boy made it back from the jungle and he's never going back.

I got lots of lovely bits and bobs - some lovely skincare I can't justify spending my own money on and some pennies to buy a new lens.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's faces when I say I am doing NOTHING for New Year. Just me, him, Mr Ben and Mr Jerry and Christmas DVD's.

My photography skills haven't improved at all. I am very much at the point and shoot stage.

My New Year resolution is to eat less rubbish and improve my photography. I'm also going to learn a language as my "new thing".

Season's Greetings one and all x x