The (as yet) untitled book is going to require some photo shoots.

It isn't a novel.

I am not one for filling a page with text when a photograph will do that for you.

In preparation for this i have been hunting out interesting props from my cupboards.

Because a book isn't a book without a coy duck.


Laura said...

I can't wait for the story. Love the duck... I have a few ducks dotted around this place too! Lx

Mrs T-J said...

I love the orchids, isnt Mother Nature so clever! hmmm I am thinking of a book too, I know the title, would have to be a children's book "Radish, the dog named after a salad vegetable", well it has to be doesnt it? xxx

Unknown said...

Loving the duck - where is he from? Surely not brought home by the Hound.....

Anonymous said...

can't wait x

flwrjane said...

I'm on tenterhooks 9 whatever that means).

Will there be food and a dog and an American?

xo Jane