5 daily essentials

The very stylish Jeska over at Lobster and Swan tagged me to post my 5 daily essentials. Hers are very stylish, mine not so much, but here they are anyway.

1. Coffee - no explanation required, I am all about tea in the afternoon but first thing. Coffee.Black. No sugar.

2. Moisturiser-I like the Neal's Yard products, my skin has still in the dark depths of winter, and this helps trick it into a Spring glow - that and the gin.

3. A camera - not this particular one, this particular one is driving me nuts, but I will win. Ever since i ran away to France with a film SLR, darkroom chemicals and an enlarger i have been hooked. I am really looking forward to this seminar, to learn how to do it properly, but for now by Canon 40D and I are on auto, and i take it with me everywhere.

4. Berocca - I even have a special glass to drink it out of so that it is the right dilution. My darling friend Julia introduced me to it in the days when we would sip Champagne and eat oysters and chips at Quaglino's every night. She drinks it in a pint glass, which makes it too weak. The glass I use may or may not have a Q on it...

5. The Boy Wonder - my shadow 24 hours a day.

You were thinking gin would be on the list weren't you? I like it but I am not a alcoholic.

I am not sure of the etiquette with this sort of thing, should i tag another blogger? Or shall i just tag all you readers, and you can add to your own blog, or leave a comment if you are blogless.



flwrjane said...

#1 Ice skim latte, with very strong espresso
#2 a non filter camel cigarette ( did I just write that?)

#3 reading one of your posts.

what else does a girl need?

xo Jane

Anonymous said...

1. Caffine
2. BBC News App
3. A hot shower
4. Blast of Miss Dior
5. Traffic jam on the way to work (not an essential, but a guarantee)


Alex Tarling said...

Here's mine!:

Becca said...


1. Tea with milk in a large mug-ideally Cath Kidson because of the size even though it's had it's day accompanied by two slices of White plastic thick bread slathered in I can't believe it's not butter

2. My iPhone. How else am I supposed to check blogs during the 16 hours of everyday I am at work?

3. My telephone conversation with The Boy-like traffic jams an unavoidable situation being a byproduct of living miles apart (for now).

4. A hot bath. With Molton Brown bubbles. A Mint Jo Malone candle. A good book.

5. Electric blanketed bedsheets. Bliss.

Mrs B said...

My Mum has a Q ash tray which she treasures. Nobody in our family smokes. It was a gift from a friend who may or may not have paid for it.

Tea, concealer, cuddle, clinique eye make up remover* and like you, my furry shadow Lucy B xxx

*Mr B would say iPhone....I'd almost agree but not whilst on holiday and therefore non essential.

Mrs T-J said...

1. Mug of builders and poached eggs on toast
2. Doggie walks, bundles and cuddles
3. Berroca (in a pint glass)
3. Lunchtime phone call with Hubby
4. Daily dose of Jamie Oliver/come dine with me or any other recipe gleaning programme
5. Blogging and emailing and online nonsense general including the daily dose of Miss P
Can I have 6 please?
The daily newspapers and more builders xx