Food or lack thereof

I knew that if i put cook on the blog banner it would return to haunt me. There hasn't been a lot of cooking, and it isn't January anymore.

Instead food has been punets of strawberries, snatched sandwiches and the odd ham and cheese crepe from M&S. Whilst in there the other evening, a gentleman enquired as to the whereabouts of The Hound.

Miss P. "I don't think they allow dogs in here"
Gentleman "No I realise that, i just didn't think that rule would apply to The Hound"

I have made purchase of some old bowls, which are suitable for the making of force meat and other ye olde recipes.

Bets are being taken on whether or not the new Assiette Restaurant will open tomorrow.

and with only 21 days until the start of the season will the Bahrain Grand Prix go ahead or not?

Faites vos jeux.


Anonymous said...

The Hound has staff and therefor no need to go to M&S himself.

Mrs T-J said...

The only food hall that The Hound would frequent would be Harrods surely, or Fortnum and Mason of course but he prefers to receive their hampers on a regular basis. As for bowls, lovely for belly busting steak and kidney suet puddings too! xxx

flwrjane said...

I laughed when I read this post. Earlier this morning I had looked at and cropped a few pics of some of the "feasts" we had dined on during the St. Valentine's day massacre.

I thought it might be fun to post them but then I realized it would just be pity making.

Your strawberries look much more delicious than a plate of sammys from our local convenience market.

xo jane

Kate said...

Assiette is indeed open - we rec'd an email informing us last night. Salivation was widespread! So toddle on up there, book a table and let us know how it is. Sadly, due to pregnancy-aggraved spinal issues, I am "aux crutches" for the duration and somewhat hampred (and not the Fortnum and Mason kind). Woofs from my hound too xx