Sunday Telegraph

Our bulbs in jars made it into The Sunday Telegraph.

Quirky goes broadsheet.

Here is the mini how-to that Bunny Guinness mentioned.

You can also do it with lily-of-the-valley plants, or forced tulips, muscari or galanthus. The lab scales and bunsen clamps aren't essential, but oh my if you did happen to have some lying around.......

Somebody is getting a enamel jug filled with viburnum opulus for Valentine's Day.

Somebody else is getting a marriage proposal.

I am getting backache.

This song is cheering us and this year i have put all but one gentleman off buying red roses. We are all about bulbs in jars, and delicate blooms of magnolia and ranunculus.

Cliches are not us.

May you be swept into somebody's arms for a lingering kiss that makes your heart swell, and catches your breath.



bibbitybob said...

Congratulations! I shall be getting none of those for Valentines day, but the hyacinth bulb you inspired me to plant in a jar is looking mighty fine.

Mrs T-J said...

You clever, clever girl, brilliant! As for the lingering kiss, well Radish and Sparks will have to oblige and Sparks smelly breath is sure to take mine away. Hubster in Spain! ho hum xxx

Tomas and Jones said...

Congratulations indeed! Grow your own valentine's flowers, I love it! Will have to think ahead for next year!

Hope you have a good one, once all the busyness has died down!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Exquisite photos and BRAVO the Telegraph - well deserved indeed.
Love that Paulo Conte song!
merci carolg

Laura said...

What a treat to receive flowers from your shop. I would be a very happy girl (I guess I should stop referring to myself as that at 36) indeed! Lx

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a wonderful Valentines - I know you will make it perfect for so many x Suzi

Urbanstems said...

Oh my if I got a enamel jug full of guelder rose I would weep with joy! Lucky person. Congrats on the Sunday Telegraph. Sinead

Unknown said...

How lovely these are! Congratulations on the recognition of your creative talent.

Julia said...

Miss Pickering,

You are talented enough that I may start envying you and that is not pleasant.

Congratulations on the telegraph!

You have inspired me to grow things. You have also inspired me to love my pups always.

flwrjane said...

Congratulations on becoming president of the Justin Bieber Fan Club. Very exciting news. GG says he's Canadian don't you know?

Do you know what hurts? You're so many hours ahead you'll be finished with VD long before us.

It's not easy being an American.