It is time to pack away the hearts and romantic quotes, it is over for another year. I am exhausted, even after 3 cups of coffee with the extra shots.

The talk is now of the window displays, what to put in? It is too early to market Mothers Day, and we have done bulbs in jars.

Our window isn't particularly large, but it is deep and ends up providing storage for all the weird items i acquire. Throw a few plants or flowers in and people think it is a "design"

This week i have need to store, the wooden box from a sewing machine,some retro fabric and a book. These items were stolen from The Missing Curtain. The red suitcase I purchased; it is wooden framed and therefore not suitable for travel on Stelios's aeroplanes, instead i will have to slum it on a train, to Paris.

also i have sea urchins.

One florist who is taking window dressing seriously is The Florist by the Sea. She has a new shop. Beautiful.

I have reason to believe she is going with catkins next.


carwash babe said...

Paris.....already! I will be in early tomorrow for all and I mean all details xxx

Mrs B said...

Window - snap....I am after longevity today and am considering something orchid based.

Love that ?

I am only on one double shot...think I need to play catch up.

So glad you survived - every year it gets easier?

I too received flowers from a brave man....one of the best presents a florist can get xxxx

Mrs D said...

While indulging in my second coffee of the day, I decided to trawl through the Independent's top 50 florist to find where my fave was, and to my horror, I found the genuis that is Miss P was missing. Who do we complain to, do they know what they are talking about ? Shall we march on London ?
We still think you're amazing.

For the window we are going with blossom trees - spring is coming fast.

flwrjane said...

Hello out there....
No it doesn't get easier,if you're lucky(?)it gets busier. And you have to work twice as hard.

I wish I had a bulb in a jar....snowdrops preferably. I could go dig some up and do it, but I'm afraid I would fall asleep face down in dirt.

xoxox jane

Mrs B said...

Hey Jane, I think I should clarify what I meant.....I know it gets harder physically....you should see the delightful veins in my legs.... but every year you get through I think gives you more confidence to tackle the next. Some day we'll all realise we can do it standing on our heads......even when all our staff call in sick and the van has broken down ; )

flwrjane said...

Mrs. B., you are totally correct. We had our busiest Valentine's in years and I sailed through it without a migraine.

One day at work I realized I didn't have to do all the work myself and I visibly relaxed. Which my forehead appreciated.

If a control freak like myself finds it doable, what must a relaxed person be like in the trenches?


flwrjane said...

P.S. I wish Mrs. B. would blog.