What a difference a day makes

24 little hours.
I am going with Rod Stewart's version.

Yesterday i wore high heels, and big sunglasses, and took my fringe out for lunch.

Today the mists have rolled in, and I hate my fringe. Curly hair and a fringe is high maintenance. And i don't do high maintenance.

Certain people have just spat their coffee out at that statement.
Whatever. Thank you for returning my sister in one piece.

Thus far today, i have a curly fringe, broken 2 vases, had an awkward conversation with a customer, and fallen out with the postman. The Hound looks on with a knowing smile "I told you we should have stayed in bed today"

But if we had, we wouldn't have ranunculus. All florists are banging on about them i know, but we are fickle creatures, next week there will be something else, but i am not ready for peonies.

Nor would we have just discovered this blog has been listed somewhere most extraordinary, in the company of people i admire a lot. My comments about Amnesia Roses are forever in print.

Nor would i be able to say, are you coming to Luella's? We shall be there on Monday evening. Join?

Whilst we are having a little chat, people keep asking questions, and i keep forgetting to answer them. So
No, yes, I'm sorry i haven't a clue, Rutland museum shop, Why would you want silk ones?, definitely, I'm not that sort of girl.

Select whichever answer you like.


p.s. I am still very very much in love with Raymond Blanc.


Adam said...

More choked on than spat...
But it's fine as I counted the petals in the photos to calm down.

Laura Coleman said...

How strange that you feature these ranunculus today. While at market yesterday, I saw some just like this. I thought of you....and The Hound. It was very, very cold. I wondered if you were at market also, I also wondered if The Hound may have needed a blanket. Then I wondered if you may have needed a Puffa jacket. Then I thought no, Miss Pickering would never wear a Puffa jacket, never. Then I proceeded to purchase narcissi, hyacinth, tulips and stocks. My thoughts then turned to a hot cup of tea.

Stunning ranunculus by the way. Have a good day in the shop!

Lotte and Bloom said...

as a fellow curly-top and fringe wearer i can vouch for the fact that the combo can be deadly. if you don't keep your wits about you you can suddenly find yourself looking like this http://bit.ly/igjPK7

flwrjane said...

Isn't that my ranunculus picture?

Every time I write ranunculus, I say to myself, 3 u's. I have a hard time with boutonniere also.

I have thin stick straight hair. I would swap problems in a heartbeat.

So what kind of girl are you?


Anonymous said...

When facing problems with fringes and frizz, curby grips are your friend. A quick twist back and secure with a grip and voila! no more curly fringe!

Becca said...

Yup, fringe curl here too. Apart from mine curls under so I get a page boy smartie tube fringe. Wrong.

P.s I am always ready for peonies.

Pps got flowers from a client and it had lillies and a crysanth in it. I have separated roses and added herbs to create niceness and the eucalyptus is in the spare room.

Julia said...

Miss Pickering,

I am trying to imagine the combination fringe/curl gone wild and it does not inspire...

It does make me smile though. And it makes me dread my hot and humid summer-to-be,soon enough in these parts.

I wish I knew even a tiny, pinky's worth about flowers as you and Jane do....bah.

Becca' said...

Love the new tag line picture thingie. I note the inclusion of 'love' as well as life and gin.

Do tell all.

Urbanstems said...

Miss P - love the ranunculas and the header looks great. Shame about the fringe...maybe bigger sunglasses?!Sinead

Anonymous said...

Ah Mrs P the ever problematic fringe! I too have curls -- they just have their way with me ad I have ventured further and further away from the fringe. It somehow only looks lovely on that very first day...nothing high maintenence for me either...wishing for a better tomorrow x