But don't forget who's taking you home

And in whose arms you're gonna be
So darlin', save the last dance for me.

The Drifters.

Today i feel like a bride must feel after her wedding. Having invested so much emotion, and excitement into yesterday, this morning leaves you feeling happy, but knowing that you won't be wearing that dress today.

The alarm went off very early, as we have weddings of our own to attend to. I have just come back from a wisteria clad George hotel, where i festooned a 3 tier chocolate cake in trails of pink flowering jasmine. I have never known a cake smell so delicious.

Tomorrow Hambleton Hall, an explosion of peonies, and scented foliage. Hambleton is where i would marry, when the sun shines on Rutland Water the view from the terrace looks like the Cote D'Azur.

The Hound is in a post wedding slump, he has been reading The Telegraph looking for Clara's pictures and carb loading on the commemorative shortbread.

High points
Watching it all chez The Stamford Hen
The dress
The trees
The Aston
The choir
Her poise
The obvious love affair
The flypast

Low points
Beatrice and Eugenie looked like they were going to Aintree
The Beckhams, no class, and what is going on with David's eyebrows?
SamCam, no hat, pashmina in hand, weird hair things from Accessorise
Pippa's St. Tropez
The cardigan

and now the official photographs are out.

Shop windows tomorrow, i haven't forgotten.

Did you have a high point?


flwrjane said...

I tuned in late, unable to get up extra early. So I didn't see the bouquet until Pippa handed it to her in the church.

Then I cried, because I love lily of the valley and it seemed so small and special to me.

My boss was also very upset about the pashmina clutched in hand.

xo Jane

Unknown said...

The dress, the trees, the loved-upness, the flypast, John Rutter's anthem....just listed my other highs (and lows) for you on a post. Like you I watched with a full English brekkie. Feel emotionally hungover today, and find myself walking aimlessly round the garden!

Admin said...

Harry whispering over Williams shoulder was the best bit of the day for me.

And Boris johson thanking Pam of the Regent Street Moss Bros was pretty hilarious.

I won my £3 bet on the Queen wearing a yellow hat :)

What did you think of the greenery behind the altar?
I didn't love it.

Jenny Rudd said...

highlights: the warm, ordinary love between and seeing London looking utterly magnificent.
lowlight: not being in England to watch it

Kim Finley said...


Almost everything, especially the sweetness between the young couple
Supportive siblings
The crowds
The people I've connected with because of it

Posh Becks looking for the camera so she could pout with purpose
Knowing that despite his incredibly handsome looks, Becks has a really pathetic, girly voice
The fact that the socialite chick with the collapsed schnozz who wore the really awful blue was invited and I, nose drug-free and beautifully prominent without the benefit of cosmaceutical fillers, was not(!)
The grade B, 1960's Jack the Ripper movie, Mary Kelly outfits worn my Eugenie and Beatrice. What WAS that? Porkie's revenge? "No, my darlings, you look gorgeous, yes, the hat with the purple feathers... spectacular! No, of course, it doesn't bother me that I wasn't invited - you both go for Mummy and think of me and somehow it will just like being there... No, no I don't know what happened to all of our mirrors but I am sure Daddy will put it right for you just as soon as he can..."

My Life of Domestic Bliss said...

An American's opinion... no one does the ceremony like ya'll do! It was perfect. I watched the BBC coverage and thankfully they know when to be quiet and let you enjoy unlike the chatty, endless bla-bla American coverage. It was worth getting up at 3am. Thanks and Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Really grateful to have found BBC coverage, didn't fancy listening to Aussie accents, made me so homesick for London.
Loved the romance of it all and the couples obvious enjoyment of the whole thing. Brilliant.

Becca said...

Eek it's Louise! Hi Louise. I know her in real life. She's amazingly cool.

Harry, earrings, Camilla's frock, the trumpets, the sleeves (I owe you £2), the trees, Pippa, the curtsey, the car, Harry again, the carriage ride.

the boxyness of the skirt, the veil (long damn it), the blusher, the kiss, the bouquet (too small).