How to: Utilitarian chic

I am loving tea towels wrapped around jam jars and filled with peonies.

and wrapped around pots of salvia.

and tied up with string.
You can use them as table centres or give them as gifts. A plant and a tea towel. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

It is a Bank holiday here, and memorial weekend in the US too. I once spent memorial day weekend in Las Vegas.

Other little things that you might like to do over the weekend.

Make these amazing garlands
Make elderflower fritters
Watch puppies all day long.
Eat cheese.
Immerse yourself in the glamour of Monaco and F1.
Go to the Game fair at Burghley
Buy plants from Easton Walled Gardens
Put some 120 film in 1 of the 48 old cameras you own.
Drink gin.
Watch black and white movies.

I might do all of these things, especially the puppies.

Whatever you do, have a marvellous time. Shall we rendez-vous next week and compare notes?

p.s. the tea towels were from Wilkinson's sale bin 10p each. This was the inspiration for this How to.


Mrs T-J said...

I am loving the puppies and what wonderful names, mama and papa in law are imminent, in times of OAP stress I think puppy power therapy will be perfect.

Love the tea towel, idea, how do you think up such originality,you never cease to produce something new from the bag Miss P and what a novel idea for presenting a tea towel gift! Personally I adore tea towel gifts.

Muslin and gingham would work well too I think. I am liking gingham again.

The use of the garden string also prevents any hint of tweeness.

Have you seen the new Aldi advert? I thought of you "I dont like tea, I like Gin"

But of course I know you love tea too. xxx

loveandlilac said...

This is one idea I am going to copy (while eating cheese and drinking gin).

found and sewn said...

great idea, I love your how to's and now i'm sorted for the bank holiday weekend.

Martin & the Magpie said...

Clever idea! Yay! Inspiration!

More inspiration: Cheese, beer/wine and black & white movies... Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon!

With many thanks for inspiring us!

Unknown said...

Brilliant! I've seen this with tissue paper and hessian, but a tea towel is inspired. I have a stack of 19p ikea ones I am now eyeing up! Thanks.