Lot 137

Yesterday an auction.

I have returned with treasure.

Medicine and science bottles. Perfect for science corner, and maybe the odd bloom.

Ceramic hanging planters, quite the most exquisite things, although what to plant? Maybe a succulent, or an air plant? Anything floral might be a bit twee do you think?

They will be hanging once I have untangled the chains. The job of chief untangler is open to anyone, come and spend awhile amidst our plentiful charms. Please, i derive no satisifaction from untangling, i dont have the patience.

and then 150 plates of Victorian Natural history engravings. I spent a large proportion of my school life learning anatomy and Kingdoms and classes, i can remember very little.

Seemingly i can remember every word of a Take That song, or the script to Pretty Woman or Bridget Jones.

I would have stayed for two thousand.

I would have paid four.

My brain works in the most ridiculous way.


Unknown said...

Yummy bottles and those pints would look fab an wooden old frames and cover a complete wall!
Wonderful. Kx

stephen@scent said...

in case i forget to tell you later, i had a really good time tonight...gets me every time!

flwrjane said...

You best get GG to come. She has all the patience in the world plus yours and mine.

Nice shopping. V. jealous over here.


Mrs T-J said...

Love the wall vases, very victoriana, how about ferns? xxx

Sharon Stephenson said...

ohh those bottles are gorgy! Are you open to perhaps divulging where this wee auction took place? Experiencing extreme vintage envy right now and would love to get a piece of the action!


Becca said...

Ahhh I watched it. Amazing.

"Apart from the drinking. And the smoking. And the vulgar mother"

"No. I like you. Just as you are"

Mark Darcy is the reason I went into law.

Ringing up my beloved at 1.30am to ask him if he loved me "just as I am" went down like a TONNE of bricks.

The man is a saint.

Jenny Rudd said...

I watched Bridget Jones on Saturday night with my English friend and the nostalgia for home nearly turned me inside out.