Garden roses

I don't really know anything about garden roses, not the proper ones anyway, and by proper i mean ones growing in a garden not the ones sold to florists as "garden" roses.

Show me any commercial rose, and i could probably name it, ask for the name of a pink rose and i could give you about 87, but don't ask me to name the rose growing over the doorway of your thatched cottage.

I have no idea what this rose growing in the garden is, a climber, single flowering, little scent, but captivating none the less.

I am hoping to use it in one of this weekends weddings, red and berries.

Already freaking out it is going to look Christmassy.

I am on the iced coffee again, this one has crushed coffee beans in it.

Also are you loving the use of the back of an old picture as a backdrop? I watched this video last night, and got all inspired. I might even start using my tripod.

In other news, I am still searching for a dress like this, and loving my hairdresser, who made my hair look just like that.

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Starryeyed said...

Dear Miss P,

Your blog continues to delight me! The Hound is a little bit tardy at keeping his up to date though. Just thought I'd mention it.