The good, the bad and the downright beautiful

This is not a wedding report. There aren't countless fancy pictures. This was a wedding of a wedding photographer, she hired Polly to take the shots. All the guests were wedding photographers. I wasn't pulling out my 40D in the presence of greatness, and there was much much greatness. These are the only photos i took.

Instead, this is a little tale of a florist at a wedding.

I was honoured when Emily asked me to do her wedding, then she said it was camping, and i remember saying "how wonderful" but thinking "bugger" I have never done camping.

After 6 1/2 hours of being stuck in traffic, being offered sexual favours by men in vans, I finally arrived at a field in Sussex, in torrential rain, wearing flip flops and a short sleeved cotton top. Everyone else was in proper wet weather gear and wellies. We had a campfire, and drank ale, i lost my camping cherry right there.

The next morning at 4.30 am i set out my work table, and started. It was glorious sunshine. I was cutting sloe branches from the hedgerows and long meadow grass It couldn't have been more "lifestyle".

Then it rained on and off all morning, and i took cover in the van, and watched my work rained on, blown by gales, and wept just a little. I know what you are thinking why didn't I run out and rescue them? I did the bridal party flowers, but the rest i left.

I had moved them in and out of shelter 27 times by this point. I was working on the principle of natural selection.

And then my flower prep table became the altar, and the sun shone and 5 minutes before the bride arrived i realised i was still in my pyjamas.

and the ceremony was beautiful, and the dress, and the bridesmaids dresses and the songs, and the ribbons and the corsages.

There is a saying somewhere that says if you want the measure of somebody you should look at their friends. I don't think i have ever spent a weekend in the company of people so amazing.

In summary, the good was meeting so many people, in particular Charis and Owen off of O&C photography, Christian, and Allison off of The Peoples shop, and dressmakers extraordinaire, and Martin and Lynne off of Stef's Aunt and Uncle, and campfire toast.

The bad was the weather, and the beetle in my bed.

The beautiful? Everything.

Thank you to The Wedding Reporter for the picture of Emily and Stef,.

and to Mr Ferrari, and Lapelman and Ghislaine, and Angela, without whom i wouldn't have even got to Sussex, but that is a whole other tale......


Mrs B said...

that has brought tears to my eyes....I am v hormonal but good work.
Told you you didn't need to worry about your outfit.
I really do think next year you might be ready for Glastonbury

Polly Alexandre said...

I love your story. I was right there with you....except on the camping bit: I'm not keeping my Contax in a tent for anyone...lol....
Your flowers were truly stunning and will greatly enhance my photos...wild, beautiful and full of fab colours. Even in the winds and rain.

flwrjane said...

Good God, I hadn't quite taken it all in, the camping, the possibilities of weather, the camping.

Should have taken GG, that girl loves the outdoors.

Clearly, aside from tears and a beetle, you coped gloriously.

Now go get your nails done.

xoxo J.

Cloggins said...

Your flowers were amazing because even during the rain showers that bought the summer into the tents. Truly glorious and very very beautiful. I wish I had met you a long time ago! x

Becca said...

Oh the dress. I've never met Emily but she is a person you think you know. And it all seems very lovely and personal.

You can wear pajamas to my wedding. And I will also wear pajamas. Not the flimsy kind. The thick cosy kind. Have you seen the slanket pajamas you can buy with feet and hoods? Like a baby gro for the 1980's generation?

I need to see more pictures. Do you think we can bribe Polly?

And I know Kate Moss is doing something like this but Emily did it first

Congrats to Emily and Stef if they read this x

bowstreetflowers said...

Miss P- this puts you in a whole new light. Loved the 'camping cherry' bit. You 're a beyond the beyond trooper.
With love, I salute you! And I'm with Jane, a spa treatment is in order!

Mrs T-J said...

How can excellence excel? Well Miss P you did. If ever anyone needed a better example of ultimate customer service then this is it!

Now its back to beautiful nails, decadent pink gin and swanky dinners and we will all feel comfortable. xxx

Mrs T-J said...

My couch awaits Miss P if a little pamper is required xxx

Harry said...

All very yummy etc (what they said above)and here's the part where I have to admit to being addicted tot his blog *blush*.... but I want to know the other story involving Mr Farrari.

paulyb said...

The flowers were absolutely stunning, as was the location, the company and the fact that the sun came out for the important bits. Couldn't believe you were up at 4.30am - not long after I went to bed... Lovely to meet you. Paul x

Emily Quinton said...

You are simply the best florist and a wonderful friend. So happy you were part of our very special weekend and you got to meet some of our other lovely friends too.

We will take you camping again but we will ALL have yurts! (We swapped to a yurt on Sunday night and it was very lovely).

Thank you so much xxx