There has been no escaping my rather bad mood, another hair dryer has bitten the dust, I am all about curly hair this week. I hate my curly hair.

and I have received another invitation that i am going to have to turn down because of work. I will be very surprised if i have any friends left by October.

From now if you want to me my friend, you can only have a birthday, wedding, christening etc. in the first 2 weeks of October, the middle 2 weeks of November or the last week in February. That way i won't feel like i am constantly letting you down. Deal?

So i have slipped the 50mm lens on, and made everything all dreamy and fuzzy.

and had my spirits greatly lifted by 3 brides.

and suddenly realised it is The Hound's birthday on Friday.........

What does one buy a celebrity dog?


Charlotte O'Shea said...

Hmmm. That's a tough one. We bought fathead (cat) a fancy collar with a bell that he refused to wear last birthday. But then he is not a celebrity. Perhaps the Hound would be willing to wear special pooch accessories - for photo opportunites and whatnot.

KELLY said...

is it ok to buy him a hair dryer...a bit like a husband buying a gadget or in reverse a gift of an arty print that can be shared??! i am sure you will come up with something wonderful and thoughtful for your lovely hound. i'd say he'd be won over with a fancy meal?

i like your fuzzy-ness today. i could do with a bit of that around my wrinkles. need a new passport. dreading the booth. if only there was one of those cool ones to be found in the fens. i.e. not digital.

i will be your friend. i never see you anyway so another 6 months won't hurt too much. although i may just appear and demand to share a caramac!

much love. and p.s. i am going to a do at the william cecil!! xxx

Shelley said...

A day with other dogs! Birthday hats included. And something fattening.

alison@thisbloominglife said...

A country estate complete with staff, space to run and things to chase. If time and finances don't allow this then a big fat marrow bone. I too will be your friend (from the other side of the world you can make any excuses you want)- my friends know if ever they want to socialise with me they have to come to me - just don't call me anti-social.

Becca said...

I'll be your friend too. We can go and see Harry Potter as no one else wants to go with me **sad face**.

I love the photos. Clearly you have skiiiiiiiiiiils. Please do another photo flower course and I will BE THERE.