Though I'm barely touching you

I've shivers down my spine
And it feels divine

Days of Thunder

I would love somebody to have this as their first dance.

I have been particularly rubbish at photographing weddings, flat camera batteries, time,rain and other things have conspired against me. I will endeavour to get pro pictures, which will be far better anyway, and a big must try harder for future events.

A few weeks of pink, and a flooded village. The venue for one of the weddings was at Normanton Church Museum. The only thing remaining of a village flooded to make Rutland Water. It now does civil ceremonies. Photo ops a go-go.

Also we have sold a lot of the props, somebody even offered to buy Mr F, who happened to have sat still for a few minutes.

In other news it is the birthday of both The Mother Hen AND The Captain. The same date. Brilliant.

A florist from New Jersey has just been in.

and The Hound has lost .5 of a kilo, although apparement he is still fat.

and after violent protests, I have given the duck/goose a repreive. amazing what people feel strongly about.

I am gripped by the Monaco Royal wedding, i hope she tries to flee again, Prince Albert looks like he would be moody.

As you were.


KELLY said...

yes...let's hope for a good runaway bride story. and fingers crossed that we'll actually get Moss photos. i will be seriously grumpy if we don't get photos. justine picardie is tipping galliano. he's in town looking moody apparently.

so pleased you are keeping the duck. i felt compelled to drive up and give him a good home but then thought i would never hear the end of elsa's demands for daily cuddles with him. he'd have a much more relaxed life with you. be sure to bring us tales of his happy days in retirement and prop-gigs with you!

happy birthday to your lovely loved ones. and happy friday friend. xXx

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post Miss P. Glad the duck lives on. The Hound is NOT fat, just shapely in a Beyonce way. You can never have too many peonies on a friday; very luscious.

Anonymous said...

How much for Mr F?

Becca said...

I think we're having fistful of love by Anthony and the Johnsons. It's on the much publicised mixed tapes. I like the line 'it's a photograph of time' because (I am so arty and pretentious) it 'speaks to me'.

So please don't use it as a blog post title.

But then I played it to a friend and she asked whether I thought it was about domestic violence? Maybe you could write out the words and we could take a vote? I need Jane and Mrs B's advice. Please.

I am not bothered about Kate's wedding dress. Clancy looked a complete WAG in a bad way too whilst we're at it. The photos are on the Mail website. Crap news. Great celeb gossip. Ok so maybe I want to see it but if it features star wars style earmuffs I'm going to birch about it for days.

Happy weekend everyone.

bowstreetflowers said...

God Save the Duck!!!!

flwrjane said...

Wow Becca said a mouthful there.

Am I terribly behind on the gossip?

You lot are all up six hours before me you know....

At least I know to come here to get my daily news fix.

Newspapers you say? Bah, I've got this little corner blog to come to.

Wish you could all come over for the 4th and celebrate our independence...never mind.

xoxo jane