Dorothy and Toto head South by South West

They said we were crazy, to go all that way on a Bank Holiday just for a couple of days. There was a point whilst sitting in traffic at Tewkesbury for 3 hours, where I had to agree.

But they didn't know what we find at the end of the rainbow. Dartmouth. Friends. Gin.

That the view from the garden would be of narrow streets and the sea, or that we would be fed and watered in such style, or that The Hound and Bertie would become such friends.

I spent a lot of time in awe of my friends Marcelle and Simon, mainly at the obvious love and strength in their relationship, but also because their home is the DB's.

If you too wold like to go to Dartmouth, then stay here because a very nice man will make you a breakfast of  fresh farm eggs with the yellowest yolks you ever did see.
Get on a boat and go and eat here.
and buy some flowers from here.
or if you can't make it, just look at the local property porn.

did you have a marvellous Bank holiday? Or do you live somewhere where it wasn't one, and are quite sick of hearing about everybody else's?


a g said...

This looks like the loveliest holiday ever. I am so pleased that the child found a nice wee friend.
Will you ever work again after such a relaxing time? If anyone deserved a wee break it was you xxx

FlowerGirl26 said...

Very very jealous! I read about Marcelle and Simon in the same place I read about you - Flower Shop and Friends. Thanks Sally Page. I spent my bank holiday weekend house hunting - I would have gladly swapped it for yours, in a heartbeat. :-)

Mrs B said...

2 days off in a row is always worth the journey. I'm not sure how you dragged yourself back. I can almost smell the sea


Mrs Beard said...

After we saw you briefly, our Bank Holiday was mostly about the wet and wonderful barbeque. We had too much tequila, too many vegetarians and even 4 uninvited guests - one of whom was pregnant, gatecrashing ain't what it used to be.

Mr Beard turned to pyromania and was chainsawing wood for the bonfire at 1am. Our poor Stamford neighbours.

Unknown said...

I love the west country and have some family and friends there, but the slog to get there leaves me feeling knackered and despondant and that is just thinking about it! Maybe when we know longer have 4 kids in the back of the car I won't be such a wimp...

We went to Norfolk, my childhood home, for walks on the dunes, fab dins and a spot of cricket with the cousins (75 to 8 years), and a wedding feast thrown in. And those huge huge skies.

Dmarie said...

great pics, great views. soo glad I'm no longer hungry, because those onion rings would definitely have inspired me to go make some!

Amy | Flowers for Wedding said...

I love these pictures!!!!

Jenny Rudd said...

there was no bank holiday in New Zealand but no matter, as in 4 hours I'm leaving on a jet plane for the land of bank holidays. I will be in Stamford a week on Friday so I'll pop in and see you and then we can join hands and dance the night away in the William Cecil on Saturday. Hurrah! The motherland beckons xx