Her lips are devil red

She's livin' la vida loca

Or the wedding season. Whichever.

A slick of red lipstick makes you look less exhausted, because when you are exhausted the worst thing is having everyone tell you that you look exhausted.

There haven't been any long leisurely sessions in the kitchen, no food posts, a lot of sandwiches from M&S, and many cans of Diet Coke.

I am hoping a charity shop acquisiton of the Leon Cookbook might change that, and the discovery of a new deli in Oakham. Hello exquisite smoked salmon.

There has also been an acquisition of an achingly hip nest of tables and a swan.

and move over Artemis, this week I want to be Emerson.

Have you been having good times?


Dave said...

Those 'Toast' biccies are damn fine with a slab of potent cheese. The pistachio ones especially.

Lucy Stendall Photography said...

Thanks for the red lippy tip. I hadn't heard that before, but I have been noticing my increased reliance on make up as the wedding season goes on. Including rouge. Yes, I am now officially my gran. Transformation complete!

Unknown said...

Thought the Emmerson link was going to go to An Apple a Day blog - it and Emerson Merrick flowers blow me away.

WISH i could wear red lippy, but i can't, it wears me, I just look like a mouth with a head attached as an afterthought! Addicted to lipbalm though. Bx

Becca said...

We have been house hunting. My criteria is 30cm square of outside space for sweetpeas and a bath. Not so fussed about a kitchen. His criteria is somewhere out of his sight for all my shoes. I love Leon. Good find.

How were the weddings? Will there be pictures?

Melanie said...

You will love the Leon Book. A bit rustic but so tasty! Hang in there and keep the lipstick handy!

Mrs Beard said...

I am in love with the swan.

I have to say, I gave up with the Leon book. It used to be next to my office and I was addicted to the brownies, however they just weren't the same when I tried to do them!

domestikate said...

Oh smoked salmon, how I love thee. That photo has me salivating all over the keyboard. The toast stuff looks amazing too!