An intimate wedding

Vases of pinks and creams sat in Oakham Castle and then lined the table at The Olive Branch for a wedding of 14.

Quicksand and senecio, mint and rosemary, and Michelin starred food.

Emily Quinton was on camera. Bonus.

I haven't opened the Leon book yet, but i did assemble a salad for us last night. All fancy leaves and albacore tuna and flowers.

If you are thinking the flowers were gathered at dusk from my garden, you are wrong.

Waitrose sell them in little tubs, and last night they were reduced to 10p.

You can take the girl out of Yorkshire......


FlowerGirl26 said...

Looks yummy. Both flowers, and salad! :-)

Mother Hen at Sea said...

Flowers gorgeous and 10 out of 10 for being your Mothers daughter xxx

Mrs T-J said...

Flowers a feast for the eyes and a salad too pretty to eat! xxx

Anonymous said...

Just had to say: beautiful. Almoust surreal in their beauty.

mjc said...

Just wanted to thank you again for the flowers and we are honoured to discover that our wedding has appeared on your blog!

The flowers were just what Rachel and I wanted and were used at the ceremony, the meal, breakfast the next morning and then adorned the houses of several guests for days afterwards!

Would you mind if I used the photos you have posted - they are beautiful - and repost them, credited to you, on flickr?

Many thanks