Start with beautiful things

The first rule of floristry a la Miss P.

You can't make a silk purse and all that.

Flowers for weddings.
Francesca and Matt are you loving this colour hydrangea? Me too.

There is a lot to catch up on, but i am tres busy doing the aforementioned weddings and the perpetual motion of puffing on an inhaler to facilitate breathing. Yes Mama i will go to the doctors, when i have time, after the weddings....xxx

We haven't discussed the fact that McLaren have WON the last 2 Grand Prix's, or Zara's wedding.

I liked it, it was no fuss, it wasn't styled to within an inch of it's life, and they looked very happy. These are all good things in my book.

Are you going to the #LMDsoiree ? I can't i have too many weddings to do, but Becca is going and is going to report back on all the gossip. Such fun.

and i meant to mention this in the last post, but didn't, so here it is now.

When Clara my BFF and I were sitting around the kitchen table, we had much fun critiquing magazines and blogs and photographers and other things.

there was a lot of OMG do you know this one?

I didn't know this one, but now i do, go and look at the wonder that is Lottie Davies. Don't blog the images, don't pin, them just appreciate them right there, and be inspired to do great things.


cara said...

Don't pin the images? Don't PIN the images? But how will I know it exists if I don't pin it? I Pin, Therefore It Is.

Francesca said...

Love them! Perfect. x

Florist in the Forest said...

Good rule!
Loving the first of the snowberry, and stunning hydrangea.
Look forward to seeing the final results.

Jenny Rudd said...

'holy fuck' is what i said out loud when i saw the Lottie Davies' lights in the trees

Lottie Davies said...

hey thanks lovely florist folk! I do aspire to 'Holy Fuck' and 'OMG' in my work...! More lights in the trees shooting next weekend actually (once a year I do a personal location shoot in a wood) - if you'd like me to get in touch when they're up on my site just email me. Thanks again for the enthusiasm :-)

Lottie Davies (lottie@lottiedavies.com)

Unknown said...

I like the images of flowers thanks ..