Mr Bombastic

I have been singing Mr Bombastic all morning, the one by Shaggy. The pink roses are called Bombastic. I'm not crazy.

It turns out the song is Mr Boombastic. Which makes more sense.

The Stamford Hen bought Bantam eggs, the colours are beautiful.

Ham from the Spanish man.

and enamel bowls await being planted up with something or other, white cyclamen?

This weekend brings eternal sunshine and barbecues and swimming.

and then can it go back to Autumn please? I have ornamental brassicas i need to shift.

Merci beaucoup.


Mrs T-J said...

Adore the eggs, too pretty to eat. I loved the ornamental artichokes Chez Mother Hen too.

Now you've done it, that song is in my head now too xxx

Urbanstems said...

Love the roses but not loving the song! Sinead

flwrjane said...

You ham and eggs and roses.

You've got a thing going on.

xo Jane

Marie said...

That ham. Groaning with desire over here.