I never knew i was a techno fan

Completely unrelated post title, i just love the music from the Easyjet advert. The Wombats. I also love that it is stills and not video.

Back to the cake and decoration thereof.

Holly from Mimosa bakery and i were chatting about cakes. I asked her to make me a tall cake sans sugar paste.

She did.

and i styled it up.

Sequins are my absolute favourite thing. If anything stands still long enough i will cover it in sequins. Even cake.

Other favourite things for tops of cake include gladioli flowers.


Karen vdD said...

Please, please tell me what the yellow ball flowers are. I have them in my garden in RSA - but no-one knows what they are! Thanks!

Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P

loving the wombats track too

yours Mr H

Jenny Rudd said...

don't get me started on sequins, I love the bloody things

flwrjane said...

You are stylin' sistah.

xo J.

Rachel {finch and thistle} said...

Karen, In the States we call them Billy Balls or Craspedia.

domestikate said...

What a brilliant advert! And I am LOVING your cake styling skills!

Sue A said...

Loving the sequins. How well do the gladdies last?