We got the afternoon

you got this room for two
One thing i've left to do
Discover me discovering you

I have had to take apart and restart 3 bouquets today, which is annoying.

Crab apples and protea nutans are favourites.

et nous allons au cinema ce soir.

Also John Mayer.

also Len, thank you for the top tips, next time full window.


Mrs T-J said...

The autumnal colours are just so beautiful, do they have autumns with such colour in Oz I wonder? Absolutely stunning Miss P.

Going to see Senna per chance? xxx

Mrs B said...

That film was the topic of much conversation here a few months ago.....one of the team was taken to see it on an almost first date....they are no more. Shall I point him in your direction?

Mrs T-J said...

Doh! I should have clicked on your link. You will love it, totally absorbing xxx

Len said...

You are more than welcome!

Becca said...

My cousin had that song as their first dance. I love autumn. I love purple and grey and scarves that deposit fluff everywhere.

We are moving house this weekend. Bored already.

Lewis on pole. The fight back begins.

Dave said...

What elegant limbs The Hound has. Must be the Serrano-based diet...