In the press

From the current issue of Wedding Flowers magazine.

Pictures from the shoot we did from The Telegraph.

Only i took these photographs.


And thoughts on lip gloss? I have been wearing it today for the first time in ages. It seems to have a strange hypnotic effect on men.

But does it make kissing a bit messy?


cara said...

You took them? They were so pretty. I kind of loved them.

Emelie said...

So tomorrow when Im in the city I need to buy the magazine! Looks really lovely so far ;) //Emelie

FlowerGirl26 said...

Saw it. Loved it. 'nough said.

Unknown said...

Gloss is so flattering I think but hopeless for kissing, but isn't lipstick too? Only lipbalm makes for perfect kissing.

Fabulous pics, Miss P.

Mrs T-J said...

Beautiful and what a spread Miss P. I am a lip gloss girl all the way, mine also has to have a little sparkle in it too, detracts from tired eyes, messy for kissing but so is any lip make-up, Champagne however works wonders for kissable lips i find xxx

flwrjane said...

Hey shiny lips congrats on the spread....might be able to buy it here come February....

See I told you to change your header to florist, cook, photographer.

For realz.

xo J.