Shop window plus glitter

The shop window.

It is an odd shape, it starts half way up the wall, and is our main source of natural light, so filling it with large cardboard cutouts isn't a very viable option.

So i filled it with jam jars, a novel way of displaying figurines, and anything with snow in a can applied looks festive.

Vignettes of winter, with a camel and a giraffe thrown in.

Then yesterday i tipped a lot of glitter over it all, and it sparkled under the lights, small children pushed their noses up against the window and marvelled at the magic that is Christmas.

Or maybe they just shouted "Can we go to McDonalds now?"



Bow Street Flowers said...

I'm going with "marveling a Christmas".

Amelia said...

You are a genius with jars! Sparkle sparkle!

Jen said...

Sweet--my kind of window!

horse care courses said...

Love it!

domestikate said...

Love love love. I for one am marvelling!