Baby there's a shark in the water

VV Brown is kicking off 2012, and not with flowers but with fish (and mammals)

We went to the aquarium and saw real penguins and found Nemo.

Did you have some time off? Was it lovely?

We are back, a wedding tomorrow, and a shop filled with tulips, hyacinth, hellebores and all that jazz.

and i tried to write the ubiquitous 2012 post and the look back at 2011 post but they sounded so terribly naff.

and i wanted to use the shark in the water gag.

I'm a sucker for a cheap thrill.


newmagoo said...

Whenever we visit aquariums (aquaria?) i can't help but sing "just keep swimming, swimming swimming..."

He won't take me to aquariums anymore.

Thankyou for letting me live vicariously.

Kim Fisher said...

Missed your posts!

HWIT BLOGG said...

Lovely post!
Have a nice week...