Lapelman and the carnivorous buttonhole

Last year we created this and the image ended up blogs and wedding magazines, quite a lot of magazines, to the point where Lapelman wanted an agent.

In an attempt to recreate some of that magic, yesterday i made some more buttonholes.

Then this happened

Lapelman *points to the carnivorous plants* That would make a cool buttonhole
Miss P. *rips off stem and places in buttonhole slit*
Lapelman Well that looks ridiculous, it needs something else
Miss P. *adds a stem of eucalyptus*
Lapelman Better, but it needs something at the bottom
Miss P. *Adds Spanish moss*
Lapelman It still needs something else
Miss P. *Snips plant, adds*

I like the results.

More than the ones i made. Which is a worry.................

But proof positive that grooms should be actively encouraged to participate in flower discussions.


Becca said...

Lapelman is a welcome enigma. But I like his shirt and I like his buttonholey style.

Wellies and Vogue said...

love it - wild and cool.. very nice indeed..

Jen said...

Just read the original guest post which was funny and useful. Carnivorous plant lapels could definitely become a trend and will be written about everywhere--so many possibilities for metaphors. You'd better copyright that idea!

Anonymous said...

I like. Quirkerly(?) wreckless in a chic kind of way. Not nesting season yet. Lapelman should be safe.

Sue A said...

Awesome. Glued?

Freda said...

Fabulous miniature modernist sculpture! Love it. Clever both.

Valley Flower Company said...

perfectly carnivorously lovely.

Mrs B said...

Does it come with a fly?

Especially love how the Ceropegia(?) brings out the green in the shirt.

Very nice shirt.


Mrs Beard said...

Looks like a tasty salad. Excellent.