She needs wide open spaces

room to make her big mistakes.

The table football has left the building.
and all that remains our memories and a wide open space.

What to fill it?

Suggestions so far

Dance floor
Air hockey
Large step ladder so i can keep taking overhead shots (the phase will pass, bear with)
3 lurchers
Pinball machine

Also Dixie Chicks.

Love them, especially this one.


Country Style Living said...

Funny enough, just been listening to the Dixie Chicks, Fly cd this morning, whilst doing the ironing!

FlowerGirl26 said...

I like the cake idea. Cake shaped like a football table.

Jen said...

I would love to see pictures of the whole store for selfish reasons. Also it would put the empty space in context. Though I'm pretty sure you'll have it filled soon enough!

Primchick said...

Man goes into a garage to ask directions to the zoo...
The following day the same man goes back to the same garage..
Bloke from the garage looks into the car to see two penguins sitting on the back seat with sunglasses on & rolled up towels under their arms...
"blimey" says bloke from garage & asks... "what u gonna do with 'em...?
Man asking for directions replies... "well we did the zoo yesterday so we're off to the beach today!!!!"
Peguins Rule..!!! :oD

flwrjane said...

Taking The Long Way is my favorite song of theirs.....story of my life actually.

Maybe a big thick sheepskin for the hound to lay on.

Any extra room we have goes to the lab.

xo jane

FlowerGirl26 said...

P.S: If you like the Dixie Chicks, give these guys a try: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iDPw_qjhtM&ob=av2e

Dee said...

Definitely 3 lurchers!

Also, LOVING the ship in a bottle. Those things are magic.

Mrs T-J said...

Room for a cheesy Zumba instructor or by the sounds of it a massage table? xxx

Anonymous said...

Um, cakes. There's a thought. A revolving patisserie stand might possibly be the thing. Large scale of course. Cardboard cut-out of the hound on the top and filled to overflowing with various calorific lovelies interspersed with the odd teacup or teapot of spring cheer. Paperwhites, muscari, tete a tete that sort of thing. Oui?

Anonymous said...

one of the very best i ever saw live,
try this

Anonymous said...

and the space would be exceptionally well filled with this lot