Mothering Sunday 18th March 2012

I think this is my favourite occasion. Spring flowers AND there are peonies. It's a little bit of a big bonanza.
We will be delivering locally on the Sunday as per.

If you are popping into the shop to make purchase, it will be stuffed to the gunnels with posies, bouquets, old bottles with single stems of Spring, and plants for indoors and outdoors.

Adorably "lifestyle" children bedecked in chichi clothing are actively encouraged.

In other news
The Hound is recovering, and is lapping up all the attention.
Several people have whispered "drama queen"
Not sure if this was aimed at The Hound or myself, either is probably justified.
Also a man has just walked in with a bag of chips for my lunch
So we are all shiny happy people again.
and i have already broken Lent, not even 24 hours..........


Amelia said...

Had missed your post yesterday and wasn't aware of the horror! Now I'm caught up and understand your distress...so glad he's doing better, and you. The yellow flowers are hypnotic.

Anonymous said...

So lovely x

Becca said...

I broke mine at 9.07am on Day 1. Turns out you can have chocolate for breakfast. Keeping up the no bread thing though. And cheese. Note - I'm not religious. I'm just using it as an ode to willpower.

Epic Fail.

Chips from the proper chip shop? GOD BLESS THAT MAN.

Miss Pickering said...

Chips from the proper chip shop

Unknown said...

Best wishes to the drama Hound. Glad you are being fed proper chip shop chips to keep up your strength for the Mother's Day rush. I am sure they are just the ticket for post dog-related stress too? x

Sue A said...

We actually had chips outdoors in the park today; sunshine, hummus, the whole nine yards. Spring is coming!

Bow Street Flowers said...

Love reading about the dramatic blonde and Hound..especially the recovering part. I love your chalkboard.

Mrs B said...

I'm with Becca and broke my lent at 8.45am Weds morning. Self control is so overrated.

Glad to hear the Hound is safe & sound.

Just watching Raymond. Please may I request a guest post by The Mother Hen sharing the toad recipe and the gossip from her dinner date with the man himself?

Belle fleurs as always

Urbanstems said...

That blackboard always gets it right! Chipper chips rock. You havent lived unless you try them in batch bread with real butter (no fake stuff) - best sandwich ever!..Sinead

Anna, Oh yes! I like that. said...

I hope The Hound is recovering.

Wishing I lived closer, would most certainly dress George up in plus fours or something and let you borrow him and his gorgeous blonde mop head of hair :)

Becca said...

I crave proper chips. London doesn't do proper chips - it does hummous and chips. That does not count. Anywhere that sells hummous and not batter scraps is not a proper chip shop.

National wedding show this weekend. I've heard its going to be a scrum so I bought more gin for when I get home. I'll count how many of the arrangements in the "designer flower area" have gerbera in and let you know.

We await the toad recipe. I'm not sure it can top the pork in a roll recipe. I adapted the slow roasting to slow cooker-ing so it works on a week night(and then blasting the crackling whilst I have a bath). Can you beat pork in bread in any form?