My baby takes the morning train

he works from nine til five and then
he takes another home again
to find me waiting for him

Sheena Easton

Love her and air plants. Especially if decorative aggregates are involved.

and for those of you that mainly like it when i photograph wedding flowers of pretty roses and seasonal flowers for top secret weddings.........

You're welcome.

p.s. Rosa ocean song, and no not my wedding.


cara said...

Have you seen this wedding? The centerpieces are amazing, I want them all for my home right now.


Bow Street Flowers said...

My Ocean Song dried out...too bad. So pretty!

Mrs B said...

I've had air plants on my mind....you read it!

Are you as excited about Sunday coming as I am I wonder? enjoy xxx

Sarah, Poppy in Pearls said...

Beuatiful photographs as always Miss Pickering! Love the contrast against the dark grey background.

Kim Fisher said...

Air plants - perfect for invoking the beach feel without trotting out the starfish.