Walking on sushine

We dispensed with the roast this weekend, in favour of "bits from the fridge and reduced items" quiche.

Sweet potatoes (bargain of the week) were roasted with the holy trinity of cumin, cinnamon and chilli, and a leftover part of the M&S Dine in for 2 deal of roast veg. A block of feta found, and some shortcrust pastry. Eggs and milk combined poured over and baked for 30 minutes. I didn't have enough eggs, just the one as it turns out. so not really a quiche, more a veg tart with an eggy base. Nice.

The taste transported back to a different time. A time when i worked in an studio complex under the Westway. Dodging out of the way of Damon Albarn riding a child's BMX was a daily occurrence, along with quiche of the day that was always sweet potato and feta. Good times. A tale for another day.

Tomorrow i am going to a posh lunch, i am having wardrobe dilemmas and watching hair tutorials on Youtube. Hair tutorials on Youtube are quite addictive.

also raspberry beer is good, and it comes wrapped in pretty paper.

did you have fun? Have you noticed that posts are getting more wordy?


Anna, Oh yes! I like that. said...

I've banned myself from YouTube. It's a vacuum I never seem to get out of. Hair/make-up tutorials are mesmerising. I kind of want to hate them but can't. .. and then they suggest four more at the end of each one and suddenly it's 1am.

Good luck for tomorrow. Hope you have a lovely time. Sure you'll look fabulous.

flwrjane said...

Yes I have noticed how chatty you've gotten.

You must be happy I think.

Here's to happy and good hair.

I only have both once every 6 weeks. When I get my hair cut:-(

xo jane

Mrs T-J said...

hmmm we have a Damon Albarn connection, yours sounds more innocent than mine however!

Store cupboard concoctions are always a sure winner, delicious.

Being present at "said" posh lunch I can confirm that Miss P had no wardrobe or hair dilemmas at all. Quite the contrary, she rocked the sultry, slightly tousled Bardot look beautifully. xxx