Whenever I'm alone with you

You make me feel like i am fun again.

Adele or The Cure.

Whichever, the sentiment is the same.

I am a bit giddy. The sun is shining, and there is a dusting of snow, enough for snowballs, not enough to cause traffic chaos.

and the men have come. Valentine's is the trickiest of all the occasions, it's always so last minute, you have to hold your nerve, or panic call all your friends with flower shops daily with the question

"How many orders do you have?"

Sorry if that gets annoying.

They have come and after the marketing slogan we went with, they are leaving with high expectations for Tuesday night.........

We are open tomorrow, and Monday, don't be shy, you can call or email, and you can just do what most men do and just say some flowers for Tuesday, you don't have to mention the V word, and you can say whatever you like in the message. I'm very open minded.

Order now.


Jen said...

It's so nice that you've found a way to make a stressful time of year for florists and men, fun and creative. I love the flowers in the second set of pictures--ranunculus? with those silvery green (leaves?).

Amelia said...

Those flowers are so beautiful they make me want to order for myself...do you cross the pond? How much? Oh, never mind I'll just stare.

Jenny Rudd said...

hey Simone
listening to The Cure takes me back to the ache of those teenage years in Welland House. When I heard Adele's more grown up version it has both reignited my love affair with Robert Smith and his angst ridden lyrics and given the song a new lease of life. So beautiful. I have toyed with the idea of booking a dirty night away with the husband but after looking at our bank account I think it'll be pizza in front of Geordie Shore and an early night.