Dance the night away

underneath the electric stars

Debarge, guaranteed to cheer even the grumpiest of souls.

It's the rain, the curse of girls with curly hair the world over. Frizzy doesn't even get close.

Also did we watch Elizabeth Taylor last night? I quite forgot how beautiful she was, and sexy.

Today's starlets seem to try to hard. There is too much intensity.

It's a lot like the wedding industry.

and i forgot to ask if we had been watching Rachel Khoo and her Little Paris Kitchen. I like her, i suspect sales of red lipstick and appointments for fringes will soar.

also liatris. WTF?


FlowerGirl26 said...

Missed Elizabeth TAylor, will have to 4OD it. And yes, I love Rachel Khoo. (I really want to buy her cookbook, but I do not think this prudent until I am off my diet. Boo!) No one can pull off anglacised French and red lipstick like she can. I think she will boost the sales of microscopic studio flats too! :-)

TumbleTwitch said...

Rain, also the curse of not quite curly not quite straight haired girls too. Today I am sporting the Hermione Granger look and it isn't a good one.

Elizabeth Taylor, easily one of the world's most beautiful women. Especially the Mike Todd years.

megan said...

I feel about liatris the way you do about gerberas. Wondering if you made it work in anything?

Sally Lerma Hambleton said...

I also feel about liatris the way you feel about gerberas! they have been on my "no no list" for ever.

HWIT BLOGG said...

I just looove your pictures..
and your lovely blog!
Take care and have a fine evening..
Greetings from a cold and rainy Sweden and Titti

Becca said...


Mrs T-J said...

Did I see canna lily too? xxx

KELLY said...

hello. et...wow. i watched with my little diva in bed and was in awe of her beauty. i could do with borrowing those earrings for a wedding we are going to in ireland next week. you know...the yellow ones? they'd just balance out my new clarks originals wedges a treat.

i have the short fringe. which i am liking again thanks to miss khoo. loving her and her book and her telly prog. inevitably lady sensible has been totally influenced and is wearing lady danger today. nothing like the power of lipstick. what do you think the pink one is? loving the pleated skirts aussi.

and now i must close this wee essay. haven't commented for a long time so felt a few lines were in order. hoping the sun shines on us all again soon. adore your pansy button holes today :o) xXx

Anna, Oh yes! I like that. said...

I've been enjoying Rachel's show... I think you should have a show too please.

Mrs Beard said...

I was transfixed by Liz.

Particularly her tiara.

I am moving to Paris to Rachel in 3...2...1