Jackie Wilson said

I'm in heaven when you smile.

Saturday,wedding, buttonholes. Then completely distracted by a tweet from Violet Cakes

"roast chickens resting, currants plumping in the drippings"

Pandora's box had been opened, evidently an idea originating at Zuni Cafe.  Please can somebody in the locale open such a place? Less of the foams and things on slates.

Cue 50,000 blog posts on the intricacies of the recipe. I went with guidelines for roasting the small chicken from Smitten Kitchen, drying and seasoning the night before, flipping the bird a couple of times during roasting in a hot oven.

I probably ruined all the effort by adding half a lemon into the bird. Whatever.

It reminded me of the way The Mother Hen cooked the turkey last Christmas. I used figs rather than currants, because that's what i had in, left in a mug filled with the juices whilst the bird rested.

Due to their size, not so much plumped as moistened, but oh so delicious. Pine nuts toasted, bread tossed in the vestiges of the roasting tin and baked for about 10 minutes.

and all assembled on a bed of red gem, because my seedlings are in need of some coaxing...... unlike my tulips, i can't remember the name of this one but they are the colour of a blu curiosa.

I also crumbled a dried up pot of supermarket mint over aubergines, roasted with garlic and olive oil. A dressing of oil, lemon juice and agave nectar was poured on top with handfuls of fresh garden mint and basil.

It's a crowd pleaser, unlike the Grand Prix..........

Also new crush


Becca said...

Hello nice boy on the beach. Less hot in the clips though.

But think of all the foreign holidays.

Mrs B said...

Yes, yes, yes.....he's mine though xx

flwrjane said...

Yes a crowd pleaser unlike the curried fruit bat......


How delish was your dinner.

How green your gables.

xo Jane

Amelia said...

Lovely dinner, after many years of roasting chickens I have become a Zuni devotee. Everything else looks lovely also, especially the boy.