Au jardin

Or rather things that were au jardin before i assaulted it with scissors.

One corner is planted with viburnum, angelica, bronze fennel and black elder and evergreen honeysuckle. The difference in colour, texture and scent is wonderful. I wish i could take credit for having done it intentionally.

Also only sow pea shoots, if you really really like pea shoots.

A gazillion later, not so much. I know they cost £1.50 for 6 stems in the supermarkets, but that's because you only need 6.

Tomorrow we shall get all Jubilee, do you have plans for your 4 day weekend? The Hound and I are working flat out for the next 11 days. Every hour of my life has been timetabled.

I have allowed Monday between 5.30pm and 7pm for spontaneity.

We have weddings, funerals, parties, and a magazine coming to photograph us doing some of it. Which means i have timetabled getting my roots done for tomorrow.

Toes, eyelashes and brows were done yesterday.



Terri said...

Glad you got your priorities lined out :)

Sue A said...

I'm going to the Embankment for the river pageant on Sunday; probably a bad idea, but at least I can say I was there for once... Flags have been purchased and a picnic lunch planned. Hope your eleven days of madness goes well.

Lotts and lots said...

I've Just come across your blog - funny and full of flowers,I love it!

flwrjane said...

J'adore your jardin.

Just know you're looking your best. Wish I was there to help out and bask in your charm:-)

xo Jane

Mrs Beard said...

Mr Beard and I accidentally got drunk last night.

When we woke up this morning we found one Queen and one Prince Philip mask in the kitchen.

It seems we are only subconsiously patriotic.

I love the casual flowers in mugs, they are my fave.