The girl with the mandolin

Probably not as big as a hit as the pearl earring or the dragon tattoo

I have a mandolin, i have wanted one for ages, but they always seemed so expensive. A charity shop find, still sealed, has inspired me to slice things really thinly.

To make courgette fritters. Again. How many times have i blogged these? here and here

Only this time with home grown pea shoots and these lovely single clove garlic bulbs from Lidl. They come in a basket. I'll pretty much buy anything if it's in a whicker basket.

I am trying to eat less meat, so far that seems to mean lots of cheese and carbs. Baked mushrooms with ricotta and horseradish and more pea shoots. The fridge contains paneer, and halloumi too. Any good vegetarian blogs out there? More nice things with vegetables rather than soya mince.

Just keep your eye on the oven if you attempt the sweet potato and ground almond thing from Rachel Khoo. Admittedly the recipe didn't say wander off for a while and get engrossed in the last episode of The Bridge. Did you watch it? I've never seen an episode of Mad Men, The Killing or any of the Vampire things, but The Bridge was amazing. I miss the music.

In other news i cut small flowers from my garden to take to lunch Chez Mother Hen, and tried to shoot The Hound in a crown. Failed.

and Cityboy1 has written the "How the Greeks leave a non-obsolete currency" post. It will be up tomorrow. I like the idea of men blogging here, I will rustle up some more. Requests being taken on subject matter.

and the former long-jumper hopped, skipped and jumped his way to best in show again. Only this time with topiary. Bravo Mr West, bravo x

And i am very honoured to be Lobster and Swan's Blog of the Jeska's blog is one of ridiculous creativity and prettiness and tiny tigers.

There are about 4,297 other things to relay, but we best all get back to work.


Raye S. said...

I can't think of any vegetarian blogs at the moment, but Didi Emmons has some really good vegetarian cook books.


And Michael Natkin has some really yummy sounding things here:

Hope that helps :)

KateB said...

Have a look at A2K (Allotment to Kitchen) Every recipe I've tried has been delicious.

Kay said...

at last another person who has seen The Bridge..i have bored everyone stupid going on about it..and the music is on repeat..love it!!! however sadly i have not picked up much swedish other than 'tak'..very disappointed in myself...x

flwrjane said...

I too am trying to eat less meat but sadly for GG that just translates as more salad.

She might be coming to you. Your food is cooked.

Your garden will look lovely.

xo J,

Len said...

"palate/palette/plate" isn't a vegetarian blog as such but has some very interesting vegetable recipes.


I have included "raids patisseries" just for the eye candy. There is no meat here but French pastries... need I say more?


Tracy x said...

hello beautiful lady and her equally beautiful hound - i have missed you both hugely.....
as a rather picky vegan i am always looking for new ideas - try this blog which i use and love and they also have useful links to other veggie type folk x


happy non meat eating

t x

Becca said...

Am I the only one that pictured you with a small Chinese guitar?

No idea on the vegetarian thing. Am far more at home with a bacon sandwich.

x x

Heiress Emma said...

I read this title in my reader where your pictures don't load - and I had visions of you in the Italian countryside strumming on a medieval musical instrument. Haha!

Great veggie blog I know of is http://scandiefoodie.blogspot.com

She is vegan so probably a little more strict than what you are looking for... but some delicious things and beautiful photography.

sactovlr said...

Love Mad Men...comes on every Sunday night...this season not as good as first season...clothes are right on the retro money......vampires all the rage here...True Blood and all....as well as Dark Shadows the Movie with Johnny Depp....pretty campy. Am suddenly into watching Whitechapel episodes here on BBC-Comcast on Demand....as well as old episodes of Lovejoy on YouTube, don't ask me why.

Amelia said...

I too have a mandolin, it terrifies me since I have been known to cut myself and bleed like a bad episode of Saturday Night Live. Be careful please.

I like this vegetarian website:http://365daysveg.wordpress.com/

Also: http://www.moosewoodcooks.com/, its american so you'll have to translate the measures.

Mrs T-J said...

Get into Halloumi and Paneer, Miss P!

Both delicious and so versatile.

Halloumi coated in cornflour and lightly panfried with butter, garlic and olive oil, tossed over a seasoned fresh green leaf salad - yum yum yum

Fab blog, lots to get your teeth into literally! xxx

Mrs T-J said...

ps, mandolins scare me to death and the idea of me even owning one scares the Hubster more!

Be careful Miss P, you need those magic fingers xxx

Louise Pallister said...

Lots of tasty things to be found @FoodStories @VeggieVegan & @101Cookbooks but for everyday cooking of all types you can't beat the massive range of BBC Good Food books and on their website too - they've never failed me yet. Their search tool is good with lots of filters for veggie, amount of servings, low fat, etc etc. Happy cooking :)

CrownAndCountry said...

I have a vegetarian blog if you care to read thanks


Flowergirly said...

Hi, just wanted to make a general comment about the quality of your photographs, they really are lovely. I'm a florist/photographer and you've given me some real inspiration!