Hell hath no fury

like a woman who has just had her catalytic converter stolen.

Sawn off.

*Insert rude word*

Heads up to anybody who drives a 4x4 or a van.

Photographs to calm.

9.27pm is my new favourite time to photograph things

nothing is in focus, my hand isn't steady enough, but it all looks pretty.

Flowers for today

and The Hound has been to Princess Pooch for a shampoo and set

he is all fluffy, smells of coconut and is very tired.


Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Greek economics and theft involving saws. I know now is not the time to say, the Hound in a Crown is essential. However, I'm sorry I can't resist. Only once fully recovered from the blow dry, naturally.

KELLY said...

well as elsa would say...that's not very good. may karma bite them on the bum whoever the thief is.

your photos are pure calm. dusk is pretty!

as is the hound. he smells like holidays...siestas are all the rage here too in this heat. xx

Amelia said...

Sorry about your catalytic converter...very impressed that you know what it is though, not me. Hound looks, and smells, gorgeous; shouldn't it be Prince Pooch?