Not a day goes by without somebody saying

"I'd love to have a flower shop, it must be so lovely"

I smile sweetly, and think

"I'll swap you for 6 weeks holiday and private healthcare"

Not today.

This is my office and it's amazing.

What a difference a day makes.

Please note new table football, the travel version, for the beach.

May your weekend be like the beer advert.


Becca said...

I find it hard to like people that like their jobs. I don't get 6 weeks holiday. I'm not ill enough to justify private healthcare and would settle for Twinnings in the Canteen. I don't have peonies or the red things. Are they sweet peas? Do I need to swoon?

Today I want ice cream. I have an afternoon meeting. I have built in ice cream time to my travel plans.

Tomorrow I am wearing white linen trousers and a black vest. I may have faux paux-ed last weekend's wardrobe choice but not for this weekend at Chelsea. What is the etiquette on hats for the sunshine? Alan has not mentioned it on TV.

KELLY said...

are those sweet peas orange?? yes? oh my...i need some!! it looks very calm and still and cool in your office. lovely.

i have had my feet in the grass as i embroider today. not a bad job but pays like a sweat shop.

bon weekend! x

Mother Hen at Sea said...

If I wasn't at sea all of those sweet peas would be purchased from you and would be adorning my house, The Captain appears somewhat reticent about flowers aboard his vessel xxx